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Improve your hair and scalp

with our therapy services

Our treatments help you say good-bye to frizzy hair and a dry, itchy scalp

Our deep conditioning treatment penetrates the hair shaft to deliver moisture. The result is beautiful, voluminous hair that shines. This type of treatment is perfect for you if you suffer from dry hair that feels brittle and rough.


As it is the oils from our scalp that help keep our hair smooth and moisturized, a dry scalp may be part of your problem. Does your scalp often itch and get flaky? If so, our luxurious scalp treatment may offer relief. After treatment, you'll be left with a healthier scalp, and in turn, start the process of developing healthier hair.

Enjoy professional products and services that make a difference

If you suffer from frizzy hair or a dry scalp, you can spend hundreds of dollars on drugstore products that promise results but don't really do much. What you need are professional formulations applied by experts. You can find these products and services at Salon 808.

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